List of equipment

Reference number Machine Year of production Short description
1346 Adast Dominant 516 1996 Adast Dominant 516
1325 Adast Dominant 547 P 1997 Adast Dominant 547 P
1347 Adast Dominant 725 P 1994 Adast Dominant 725 P
SP1377 Ammeraal Beltech VAB-08-24509 new transport belt from manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech for Sigloch
SP1398 Aster 180   Festo and various parts for Aster 180
SP1399 Aster 180   šivanke in nožki za Aster 180
SP1404 Aster 180   various new parts for Aster 180
SP1401 Aster Astronic   various parts for Astronic
SP1403 Aster Astronic   various new parts and used clutch for Aster Astronic
SP1400 Aster Multiplex   vacuum rubbers and seals for Aster Multiplex
SP1434 Atlas Copco Compressor SCRSTAR 2007 Atlas Copco Compressor SCRSTAR
1420 Bielomatik P 671 Jumbo 1990  
1350 Bobst Baby 20 1978 generally refurbished, with feeder, straight line, conveyor delivery…
1411 Bobst table for tool preparation for Bobst SP 76   Bobst table for tool preparation for Bobst SP 76
1332 Bourg BST 10/ BDF 2005 Bourg BST 10/ BDF
1175 Bourg BST 10/BDF 2008 C.P. Bourg BST 10, tower with vacuum feeding, BDF fully automated booklet maker stich, fold and...
1184 BUSCH A 1995 BUSCH MODEL A - Label punch, max. format: 18×18 cm (15×15cm), min. format: 2×2 cm, max....
1439 Busch TB 24 I 2008 Busch TB 24 I
333 Busch TB 26 I 2013 NEW table Banding Machine TB 26.All types of products are banded with coated kraft paper tape...
1228 Daylight cupboard   Daylight cupboard
1252 Duplo PFI Bind 6000 duo 2014 1 clamp, cover feeder, roughing and milling station, PUR melter, spine glueing PUR, side glueing
1316 Guang Ming   Guang Ming
1301 Hang 101-50 Picco-Star 2014 Hang 101-50 Picco-Star
1441 Heidelberg Cylinder   Heidelberg Cylinder
1247 Heidelberg Cylinder SBD 1972 Heidelberg Cylinder, model SBD, format 64 x 90 cm
1259 Heidelberg GTO 52-2-P + 1998 Heidelberg GTO 52-2-P +
1235 Heidelberg GTOZ 52+ 1991 Heidelberg GTOZ 52+
1236 Heidelberg GTOZP 52+ 1986 Heidelberg GTOZP 52+
1260 Heidelberg MOZP-S+ 1984 Heidelberg MOZP-S+
1069 Heidelberg Quickmaster 46-4 DI 1999  
1431 Heidelberg SM 52-2+ 2008 Heidelberg SM 52-2+
1225 Heidelberg SM 52-4 Anicolor 2007 Heidelberg SM 52-4 Anicolor
1440 Heidelberg SM 52-5-H 2006 Heidelberg SM 52-5-H
1407 Heidelberg SM 72 FP 1989 Heidelberg SM 72 FP
1101 Heidelberg SM 72 ZP 1978 Heidelberg SM 72 ZP
1293 Heidelberg SM 72 ZP 1986 Heidelberg SM 72 ZP
1266 Heidelberg SM 74-4-P3-H 1997 Heidelberg SM 74-4-P3-H
1437 Heidelberg Stahlfolder TI-52 2004 flat pile feeder with Tremat system, 4 buckles on the first folding aggregate, 1 cross fold knife,...
1257 Heidelberg Tigel TP 1967 Heidelberg Tigel TP
1336 Horizon BQ 270C 307009 Horizon BQ 270C
1353 Horizon MC8a + MC8m + FC-11 + SPF-10 II   MC8a+MC8m collating towers, SPF-10 stitching & folding, FC-11 trimming….
1114 KAMA SK 1964 KAMA SK
1320 Kama TS 105 2006 Kama TS 105
1318 Kern 6x6   Kern 6x6
1408 Kodak Mercury MK6 2003  
1432 Kohmann S-CD 1998 feeder, glueing unit, transfer station, pressure line, glueing station hhs/2 hads, control system...
SP1367 Kolbus BF 511 new new various parts for Kolbus BF 511
ŞP1368 Kolbus BF 511 new belts, rubber suckers and chain plates for Kolbus BF 511
SP1368 Kolbus BF 511 new knife, belts, heater, temperature sensor and roller for Kolbus BF 511
SP1370 Kolbus BF 511 used valves and seals for book press on Kolbus BF 511
SP1371 Kolbus BF 511 new nozzles for hot gluing for Kolbus BF 511
SP1372 Kolbus BF 511 new new filter Hydac for Kolbus BF 511 and belt for Kolbus TSL
SP1373 Kolbus DA 260 novo nuts, suckers, grippers, Festo and other parts for Kolbus DA 260
SP1374 Kolbus FA 210 new / used belt and metal slats for Kolbus FA 210
SP1366 Kolbus HD 140 new brushes and other parts for Kolbus HD 140
SP1369 Kolbus HD 140 new belts and bearings for Kolbus HD 140
SP1361 Kolbus HD 140P new spindle for Kolbus HD 140 P
SP1390 Kolbus Jack Plus / Ribbon   suckers, filter for Jack Plus, clutch CPS, Festo for Müller Martini BLSD
SP1362 Kolbus KM 470 new heaters for Kolbus KM 470
SP1388 Kolbus KM 470   wooden laths for Kolbus KM 470
SP1389 Kolbus KM 470   metal shafts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1392 Kolbus KM 470   brushes and various parts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1393 Kolbus KM 470   belt, brushes, knives for miller/ cutter and various parts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1394 Kolbus KM 470   milling head for Kolbus KM 470
SP1395 Kolbus KM 470   refurbished clamps for Kolbus KM 470
SP1396 Kolbus KM 470   part of clamps for Kolbus KM 470
SP1402 Kolbus KM 470   various rubber suckers for Kolbus KM 470
SP1391 Kolbus Ribbon   Festo pneumatics and other parts for Ribbon, parts for Müller Martini
SP1412 Kolbus Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Kolbus
SP1413 Kolbus Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Kolbus
SP1414 Kolbus Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Kolbus
1033 Konica Minolta C 8000 2014 Bizhub Press C8000 is a professional digital press that delivers spectacular color prints
SP1418 Leibinger / Atlantic Zeiser Numbering units   Forward and backward numbering units of manufacturers Leibinger and Atlantic Zeiser, Gothic font
1359 Lüscher CTP XPose! 160 2003 64 lasers with frequency 830 nm, 2540 dpi resolution, plate thickness of 0,2-0,5 mm…
1360 Lüscher CTP XPose! 230 2008 Lüscher CTP XPose! 230
1055 MB Multimaster CAS 52 2005 ploskovno stopničasto vlaganjem, 4 paralelni žepi, digitalna enota upravljanja, protihrupna...
1435 MBO K 800.2/6 S KTL AUT 2007 pallet feeder, Navigator-Control, 6 pockets, cross fold unit with 2 knives, knife-folding range as...
1267 MBO T45-1-45/4 appr. 1990+ Folding machine MBO T45/4-1, flat pile feeder, 4 buckles, cross fold knife, shingle delivery...
1253 Müller Martini 201 99 22935 Müller Martini 201
1240 Müller Martini 2024 932 995 Müller Martini 2024
1241 Müller Martini 2024 936 081 Müller Martini 2024
SP1415 Müller Martini Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Müller Martini
SP1416 Müller Martini Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Müller Martini
SP1417 Müller Martini Three-Knife Trimmer   Cutting knives for Three-Knife Trimmer Müller Martini
1345 Nagel Citoborma 490 2011 Nagel Citoborma 490
1421 Omegher Modular 40 M / NR 108 1996  
1315 Palamides Delta 703 2006 Palamides Delta 703
1272 Paper pallete lifter   Paper pallete lifter
1334 Polar 78 XT 2005 Polar 78 XT
1287 Rabolini Imperia   Die-cutter with hand feeding, hot foil system, pneumatic clutch, easy operated top control panel...
1221 Rewinder Parefox A 1000   Rewinding blanket washing cloth for offset presses Parefox A 1000 Rewinder
1245 Roland 104 1993 Roland 104
1426 Roland 202 E OB 2006 Roland 202 E OB
1102 Roland 204 HOB 1992 Roland 204 HOB
1212 Roland Favorit RVF OB 1986 Roland Favorit RVF OB
1292 Roland RZFOB 1986 Roland RZFOB
1319 Sanjo P 270 1994 Sanjo P 270
SP1381 Sigloch clutch new new clutches for Sigloch
SP1382 Sigloch drive belt new 2x drive belt for Sigloch
SP1379 Sigloch drive belts new drive belts for Sigloch
SP1380 Sigloch Filter new 2x Hydac filter and drive belt for Sigloch
SP1376 Sigloch NHG 60/2 new set of seals for hydraulic valves for Sigloch NHG 60/2
SP1364 Sigloch RF/BN/HC used Hydac filter RF/BN/HC for Sigloch
SP1363 Sigloch SB-6000 used milling head for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1365 Sigloch SB-6000 new / used belts, consoles, Festo valve and other parts for Sigloch
SP1375 Sigloch SB-6000 new heaters, seals, bearings and other parts for hot gluing for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1378 Sigloch SB-6000 new new cardan joint for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1383 Sigloch SB-6000 new / used 2x timing belt and other parts for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1384 Sigloch SB-6000   brushes and belts for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1386 Sigloch SB-6000   new driving roller for Sigloch
SP1387 Sigloch SB-6000   4 axles for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1397 Sigloch SB-6000   belts for Sigloch
SP1385 Sigloch VAM   axles, pneumatic filter, suckers, brush and springs for Sigloch VAM
1419 Stahl T52 3T/4-F 1998 flat pile feeder, 4 buckles, creasing, shingle delivery…
1265 Stenz Envelope feeder Serijska št.: 41190139 Stenz Envelope feeder
1330 Sterling Coilmaster Jr.   Sterling Coilmaster Jr.
1438 Vacuumatic   Paper counting machine Vacuumatic
1358 Xerox Nuvera 288 EA 2009 digital two-sided black and white printing machine with 1/1system, 2x A4 and 4x A3 feeding system,...