List of equipment

Reference number Machine Year of production Short description
SP1377 Ammeraal Beltech VAB-08-24509 new transport belt from manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech for Sigloch
SP1398 Aster 180   Festo and various parts for Aster 180
SP1399 Aster 180   šivanke in nožki za Aster 180
SP1404 Aster 180   various new parts for Aster 180
SP1401 Aster Astronic   various parts for Astronic
SP1403 Aster Astronic   various new parts and used clutch for Aster Astronic
SP1400 Aster Multiplex   vacuum rubbers and seals for Aster Multiplex
1765 Busch TB 39-50 2014 Table banding machine Busch TB 39-50
1578 Creasing machine   Creasing machine
1743 DCM Sleeve 2003 DCM Sleeve - Sleeve forming and seaming machine
SP1462 Donghua Chain Group   Donghua Chain Group
1737 Durst P10-200 2013 UV printer Durst P10-200
1696 Etipol Combi 270 2001 Label printing machine Etipol Combi 270
SP1464 Filters   Filters
SP1465 Filters   Filters
1778 Focus Proflex 250 2008 6 color flexo printing machine Focus Proflex 250
1726 Gallus R 250 F 1986 Label finishing machine Gallus R 250 F
1580 Hang   Paper drilling machine Hang with 4 drilling heads
1714 Heidelberg Cylinder SBD PZ Steuer 1973 Heidelberg Cylinder SBD with hot-foil system Steuer
1827 Heidelberg Cylinder SBGS 1961 Die-cutting machine Heidelberg Cylinder SBGS
SP1467 Heidelberg Drop Tube   Heidelberg Drop Tube
1785 Heidelberg GTO PM 52-5 2001 5 color offset printing press Heidelberg GTO PM 52-5
1802 Heidelberg GTOZP 52 1992 2 color offset printing machine Heidelberg GTOZP 52
1597 Heidelberg Plate bender and puncher   Heidelberg Plate bender and puncher
1821 Heidelberg SM 52-4 Anicolor 2007 4 color offset printing press Heidelberg SM 52-4 Anicolor
SP1466 High temperature pipes   High temperature pipes
1712 Horizon AFC-746AKT 2007 pallet feeder, 6 motorized buckles, 2 knives, PST-40 press delivery, stream delivery ..
1817 Horizon BQ 270 2006 Perfect binder Horizon BQ 270
1822 Ino Screen Printing Line 2016/2013 Screen printing line Ino
1820 Jagenberg Diana 92 1986 Folding gluing machine Jagenberg Diana 92
1814 KERN 2500   KERN 2500
1432 Kohmann S-CD 1998 feeder, glueing unit, transfer station, pressure line, glueing station hhs/2 hads, control system...
SP1367 Kolbus BF 511 new new various parts for Kolbus BF 511
ŞP1368 Kolbus BF 511 new belts, rubber suckers and chain plates for Kolbus BF 511
SP1368 Kolbus BF 511 new knife, belts, heater, temperature sensor and roller for Kolbus BF 511
SP1370 Kolbus BF 511 used valves and seals for book press on Kolbus BF 511
SP1371 Kolbus BF 511 new nozzles for hot gluing for Kolbus BF 511
SP1372 Kolbus BF 511 new new filter Hydac for Kolbus BF 511 and belt for Kolbus TSL
SP1374 Kolbus FA 210 new / used belt and metal slats for Kolbus FA 210
SP1366 Kolbus HD 140 new brushes and other parts for Kolbus HD 140
SP1369 Kolbus HD 140 new belts and bearings for Kolbus HD 140
SP1361 Kolbus HD 140P new spindle for Kolbus HD 140 P
SP1390 Kolbus Jack Plus / Ribbon   suckers, filter for Jack Plus, clutch CPS, Festo for Müller Martini BLSD
SP1362 Kolbus KM 470 new heaters for Kolbus KM 470
SP1388 Kolbus KM 470   wooden laths for Kolbus KM 470
SP1389 Kolbus KM 470   metal shafts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1392 Kolbus KM 470   brushes and various parts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1393 Kolbus KM 470   belt, brushes, knives for miller/ cutter and various parts for Kolbus KM 470
SP1394 Kolbus KM 470   milling head for Kolbus KM 470
SP1395 Kolbus KM 470   refurbished clamps for Kolbus KM 470
SP1396 Kolbus KM 470   part of clamps for Kolbus KM 470
SP1402 Kolbus KM 470   various rubber suckers for Kolbus KM 470
SP1391 Kolbus Ribbon   Festo pneumatics and other parts for Ribbon, parts for Müller Martini
1705 Kolbus UKV 400 2007 Device for folded-in covers Kolbus UKV 400
1673 Komfi Fullmatic B2 2015 UV coating machine in 52 x 74 cm size
SP1418 Leibinger / Atlantic Zeiser Numbering units   Forward and backward numbering units of manufacturers Leibinger and Atlantic Zeiser, Gothic font
1576 Machine for box creasing   Machine for box creasing
1435 MBO K 800.2/6 S KTL AUT 2007 pallet feeder, Navigator-Control, 6 pockets, cross fold unit with 2 knives, knife-folding range as...
1603 Moco AZ 9F 2016 Shredder Moco AZ 9F
1591 Morgana DigiFold Pro 385 2018 High Speed Creaser Folder with fully automatic setup and deep pile feeder Morgana DigiFold Pro 385
1787 Mosca RO-TRS 4 2000 Strapping machine Mosca RO-TRS 4
1694 Müller Martini Bravo 2000 Revijalni stroj Müller Martini Bravo
1692 Müller Martini Prima Plus Amrys 2006 Saddle stitcher Müller Martini Prima Plus Amrys
1829 Nagel Citoborma 490 0005 1764 Paper drill machine system with 4 drilling heads Nagel Citoborma 490
1749 Palamides Alpha 700 2007 Stacker Palamides Alpha 700
1558 Paper press   Paper press
1559 Paper press   Paper press
1647 Perfecta 92 PMC-1 1987 Cutting machine Perfecta Seypa 92 PMC-1
SP1490 Polar 115 Autotrim   Hydraulic filters for cutting machine Polar 115 Autotrim
1830 Polar 115 EMC 1982 Paper cutting machine Polar 115 EMC
1624 Polar 76 EM 1990 Cutting machine Polar 76 EM
1729 Polar Transomat TR-160-ER 7S 2003 Polar Transomat TR-160-ER 7S
SP1474 Polar various parts   Various spare parts for cutting machine Polar
SP1463 Prima filters   Prima filters
1252 Rigo UltraBIND 6000 PUR Bookbinder 2014 1 clamp, cover feeder, roughing and milling station, PUR melter, spine glueing PUR, side glueing
1805 Roland 105   5 color offset printing press Roland 105
1777 Roland 205 E 0B 2003 5 color offset printing machine Roland 205 E 0B
1609 Roland 306 N 6/0 - 1/5 1998 6 color offset machine Roland 306
1212 Roland Favorit RVF OB 1986 Roland Favorit RVF OB
1818 Screen L350 UV 2018 Digital printing machine Screen L350 UV
1725 Shiki PCH-45 MW 1996 Shiki PCH-45 MW flat die cutting and hot foil
SP1381 Sigloch clutch new new clutches for Sigloch
SP1382 Sigloch drive belt new 2x drive belt for Sigloch
SP1379 Sigloch drive belts new drive belts for Sigloch
SP1380 Sigloch Filter new 2x Hydac filter and drive belt for Sigloch
SP1376 Sigloch NHG 60/2 new set of seals for hydraulic valves for Sigloch NHG 60/2
SP1364 Sigloch RF/BN/HC used Hydac filter RF/BN/HC for Sigloch
SP1363 Sigloch SB-6000 used milling head for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1365 Sigloch SB-6000 new / used belts, consoles, Festo valve and other parts for Sigloch
SP1375 Sigloch SB-6000 new heaters, seals, bearings and other parts for hot gluing for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1378 Sigloch SB-6000 new new cardan joint for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1383 Sigloch SB-6000 new / used 2x timing belt and other parts for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1384 Sigloch SB-6000   brushes and belts for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1386 Sigloch SB-6000   new driving roller for Sigloch
SP1387 Sigloch SB-6000   4 axles for Sigloch SB-6000
SP1397 Sigloch SB-6000   belts for Sigloch
SP1385 Sigloch VAM   axles, pneumatic filter, suckers, brush and springs for Sigloch VAM
1683 Smyth Freccia Unit Line 2016 Sewing line Smyth Freccia Unit Line
1691 Stahl SBP 66.2   Stahl SBP 66.2 press delivery for folding machine
1650 Stahl T36/4-36/4-F.2   Folding machine Stahl T36/4-36/4-F.2
1740 Stenz Feeder   Stenz Feeder for Heidelberg SM 52
1816 Vega 750   Folder gluer Vega 750
1512 Waste baler   Waste baler
1564 Wire stitching machine   Wire stitching machine
1759 Wohlenberg 115 2005 Cutting machine Wohlenberg 115