We are specialised in project implementation and marketing of used industrial graphic machines and equipment, such as offset and rotary printing machines, bookbinding lines, punching and cutting machines, and other printing equipment of leading manufacturers Heidelberg, Polar, Stahl, Roland, Komori, Bobst and others.

Company mission

Our company's mission is to provide integrated services to our customers in defining and implementing their development goals in the field of printing. We operate in the broader international environment with a globally established network of partners and have excellent knowledge of the supply and demand market, enabling us to offer quality advice to our customers and coordinate and manage projects for the supply or sale of new or used printing machinery and equipment of world's leading manufacturers.

Company vision

Our company's vision is to be appreciated globally and become a recognised and renowned partner, while being a commercially successful trader that efficiently copes with the challenges of modern times and creates new opportunities in the printing industry. More important than having a dynamic growth is having dynamic activities, which are based on proactivity, adaptability, information and technological development.

In order to realize our vision and engagement we provide comprehensive support for our customers, create solutions tailored to your business goals and development requirements. With you we are co-creating, realizing and building your company’s Vision. Our company's mission is:



Our service is your benefit!

Our work is based on values of competence, reliability, integrity and personal relationship with the customer. On the basis of experience and overall support in the implementation of projects we respect the expectations and trust of our customers and business partners. 


Our company realises its mission and follows its goals and vision by consistently observing the following fundamental values of our company:

Integrity and ethics

Our company performs its activities in order to ensure its long-term existence and operation. A precondition for this is to maintain our company's goodwill, which is why integrity and ethics as personal values of company owners are also part of company operation. We believe that integrity and fairness to the partners and customers and following general ethical principles are the right way to sustained success of the company.

Reliability, creativity and efficiency

We want to successfully complete all business activities that we are engaged in. This means that we are a reliable partner in every phase of cooperation. By being innovative and creative, we successfully face many challenges that arise in most projects that we implement for our customers and partners. We ensure that the projects are completed as soon as possible, thus providing for maximum cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency.

Respecting the customers and partners and strengthening of trust

We treat our customers as business partners, which means that we want to build a long-term, professional and mutually beneficial relationship with them. We treat all customers equally and don't discriminate between their projects. We want our partner's projects to be successfully implemented, because their success is our success. It is important to understand the significance of our partners' investments and their strategic orientation, therefore, confidentiality of information of our partners is the fundamental virtue of our operation.

Transparency and social responsibility

We are aware of the broader responsibility of our company. Thus, our activities and implementation of projects are transparent. By following our business goals and the goals of our partners, we contribute – with various ordinary and extraordinary activities – to the implementation of goals of the micro and macro environment, in which our company is operating.