Looking for machinery

Dear Colleagues,

we are currently looking for the following machines:


  • Heidelberg SX 102-2P
  • Heidelberg SX 102-4 with impress control
  • Heidelberg SM 74-2P, age 2000+ with lower impression count
  • Heidelberg SBG Cylinder
  • KBA 102-5+LX, age 2003+
  • Coating machine B2 size 50/70 with Mabeg feeder
  • Heidelberg Cutstar 105, age 2010+
  • Roland 504+L


  • Heidelberg Stahlfolder 56-4/4, age 2015+
  • MB CAS 52-4 folding machine
  • Kolbus FM smashing & nipping
  • Polar 155 XT
  • die-cutter Rabolini size B1/B2 or something similar

If you can offer us any of the mentioned machines, please send us your best price with all of the necessary information including photos and videos.

Thank you in advance.