Komfi Sagitta 76

Reference number: 1343
Manufacturer: Komfi
Model: Sagitta 76
Year of production: 2010
Press / Working hours: /
Format / Working width: 76 x 112 cm
Colors / Number of units: /
Available: June
Machine visible: in production
Price: on request

Technical specification

  • thermal automatic laminator
  • stream delivery
  • automatic feeder
  • Komfi-design feeding head
    • vacuum pump
      • long sheet separation air blowers
      • automatic sheet overlap control
      • miss-feeding detection
      • laminating cylinder heated by 5-zone electro-resistance heater
      • temperature drop detection
      • polyurethane coated pressure roll
      • air pressure decrease detector
      • airshaft for film unwinding
      • adjustable sheet de-curling unit
      • automatic sheet separation using rotating knives and built-in perforator
      • snapping unit pneumatically controlled
      • speed adjustable snapping roller
      • sheet separation detector

      Detailed specification on inquiry!

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