Foliant Gemini C 400 A

Reference number: 1505
Manufacturer: Foliant
Model: Gemini C 400 A
Year of production: 2015
Condition: excellent
Available: takoj
Price: on request

Technical specification

  • developed for a digital printing machines outputs lamination
  • pneumatic system of laminating rollers pressure with an easy thrust control
  • Anti-Curl-Mechanic

Technical details:

  • flatpile feeder; loading height: 230mm
  • format: min. 320 x 250mm; max. 380 x 580mm
  • Paperweight: 115-350g/qm
  • film: 20-45 ┬Ám
  • film-types: OPP, Nylon
  • Inner diameter roll: 70-80mm
  • outer diameter roll: max. 400mm
  • capacity: 0-15m/min; max. 1800 sheets/h with Format B3
  • warming up time: approx. 10 Min
  • power supply: 230 V, 2,3kW, 16A
  • floor space: : 74 x 280 cm

Detailed specification on inquiry!

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